Finding the right tutor for your child

With the astronomical rise in the number of children in private tutorials, parents can be confused about determining which tutor or tutorial center who suit their children. Education of a child is an area of deep interest for any parent due to its impact in nurturing and preparing them for a decent future. This article helps in solving that dilemma for parents who may be in such situations.

As adults, we are encouraged to work on our weakness while building on our strengths to get better in our set objectives. Such logic should be adopted in the education of your child as well. Parents should observe and study the weaknesses and strengths of their child. The weakness should be your first consideration in determining where they would need to be monitored closely.

It is often better to make this decision alongside your child by having a discussion with them. Knowing that they are dedicated and open to the idea of having a particular tutor will increase the effectiveness of any tutorial program you initiate on their behalf. As a parent, having a knowledge of their curriculum also aids in picturing how they would fit in to any program.

Your first duty as a parent is to ensure the security of your child. You need to carry out a strong background check on any tutor your child would have. What are the reviews about that particular tutor? What about his/her past record? A tutor would get close to your child and as such, you have to make sure such individuals do not take advantage of your child.

Experience is the best teacher and that is apt in this situation. The most experience tutors have years of classroom experience in managing students and in one on one cases but the downside to having them is their availability. You can get graduate tutors who would be easily available when called upon and have the advantage of being cheaper than the experienced ones.

You should have an interaction with the tutor before they start taking your child and be there during their first lesson with your child to determine how your child adapts to him or her and vice-versa. The tutor should be able to diagnose why your child dislikes some topics and courses from that first interaction.

You should also avoid placing too much pressure and expectation on your child at this stage of their life. While the objective is that they become more knowledgeable, setting some targets may overshadow the main objective. Tutors should be focused on their long-term development rather than the short-term benefits that can come from helping them out with their task from school. The tutor should rather be more concerned with how they can learn and apply their experiences in the classroom and in their interactions.

As the parent, you should be certain that issues relating to wages and other remunerations accruing to the tutor have been clarified beforehand. It would be sad if any misunderstanding occurs in this aspect.

With the advent of social media and communication technology in the 21st century, there are situations where parents prefer an online interaction between the tutor and their child. You should ensure that the internet connection is functioning perfectly to prevent interruptions when lectures are on-going. Also, ask your children about their opinion of the tutor and their own development but in the end, your parental instinct should helping in making your final assessment.

Periodic interaction with the tutor is advised to ensure that you keep up with your child’s progress in his tutorial. Tutors can leave notes on areas of the syllabus covered to help in monitoring the situation. There are tutors that would be willing to have a chat with you after every session but some may be too busy to create such opportunities.

Whenever your child would be unavailable for the tutorial, always ensure the tutor is informed beforehand so that lessons can be rescheduled and the tutor can plan better. Observe how well your child is adapting to combining school work with extra tutorial. You can help them in creating a timetable on how to plan their days so that they would still have some time for other activities that they enjoy.

Your child’s tutor will become an integral part of his life and development. Finding the perfect fit to ensure chemistry between both parties is vital in ensuring the desired results.