Foster Positive Learning in your Child

Disturbed parents, fights around, untidy home, distressed atmosphere…do you really think your child can learn good and positive things in such a miserable ambience? Kids are like ‘clay’, the way they are molded, they grow the same.

Foster Positive Learning in your Child

If you want a good overall development of your child, make sure you nurture them in a positive learning atmosphere. How???? Here are a few simple yet effective tips for all the parents:

  • Inculcate a love of learning

You cannot foster learning in your kids while sitting on the couch and enjoying ice-cream or watching Television on a regular basis. Doing this will have negative impacts: They’ll too develop your routine, a lazy and undisciplined one.

Instead, set a good example before them by watching news programs and documentaries, taking trips to the library as a family. In addition, spend time with them to help them learn things. Your love can mold them better rather than throwing orders on them to do things the right way. Also, when children are young, read to them each night.

  • Take benefits of learning opportunities

Everyday activities can be a great way to make them learn things, such as going to the grocery store, doing a home project, cleaning the table, etc. Communicate with your kids even during mundane activities and try to discover lessons and opportunities for learning on a regular basis. By spending time together and talking to them, you’ll continue to prompt their learning experiences.

  • Offer Brain Food

To create a positive learning environment, especially at home, make sure that your kids are served healthy food and snacks. Brain grows quickly during the first three years of a child’s life. Make sure your tots and preschoolers get plenty of antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 essential fatty acids, and other essential nutrients for brain power. After all, it’s all the game of mind and if the mind is healthy, learning becomes easy.

  • Provide support, appreciation and feedback

It is important for parents to provide positive feedback and reinforcement to their young learners.This helps them feel motivated and they can learn better with the freedom to make mistakes and accomplish new things.

Moral: By being a good role model, providing opportunities, instilling a love of learning and offering healthy, nutritious food, you’ll be able to create a positive learning environment for your child at home.