Four Steps to Finding an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

When a child grades start slipping and expresses his helplessness at understanding a concept or a subject, the parent should start looking for help.  Private tutors in Singapore are offering a wide range of education services, keeping the unique needs of families in mind. Before appointing a tutor the parent should have a clear idea about his child’s needs and the exact academic requirements he needs assistance in.

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Follow the following four steps when looking for a tutor for your child:

1. Have Clear Goals

When the child expresses the need for a tutor the parent should first go have a detailed discussion with the child’s teacher. She will be able to clearly identify if the child needs help in homework or a particular topic or subjects. The parent also needs to know the learning style of the child. And is he is better at reading, writing or listening. Lastly, the parent needs to identify allocation of funds for tutoring and decide whether he can really afford it or not.

2. Share Your Opinion

Fix an appointment with your child’s counsellors in school. Share your observations and opinions about the child with them. A good counsellor will have an up to date record about the child’s academic progress and personality problems if any. The school will also be able to guide the parent by providing him a list of good tutors in the area. The local news paper can also be checked for home tuitions in Singapore. It is a good idea to check with friends and neighbours about good tutor agencies.

3. Cost of Tutoring

Most parents feel that cost of tutoring is a small price to pay for ensuring a bright future for their child. But it makes sense to get value for money. An expensive tutor doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he will be a good tutor too. Keeping all options open is a good way of handling the problem. It is important to get clarity on the payment method before assigning a tutor. Some prefer cash others don’t and some like to be paid per session and others on a monthly basis. Cancellation policy should be clearly discussed to avoid any confusion later on.

4. Essential Information

It is very important to check the credentials of the tutor, to ensure that they match the needs of the child. The following questions needs to be asked to get complete clarity.

  • The educational back ground of the tutor.
  • The teaching experience he or she has.
  • Take references of other parents whose children he has taught.
  • Method of evaluation of the child’s needs.
  • The methods used for tutoring.
  • Expectations from the parents.
  • Time slot available for tutoring.
  • Place of tutoring- home or centre.
  • Charges of services provided.