Four Ways to make studying as addictive as playing video games

The scenario is such that most students engrossed in games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and many others have begun to see academics as a distraction from games. Before your child loses out on the focus and begins to spend more time gaming than studying it is time you understand how you can make academics as addictive as playing video games!

Focus on the learning process not on the exams

Children love to play games because the games are ongoing without a fixed end point. Parents and teachers however tend to emphasize on the importance of the end point in the learning process – the exams, because of which students lose the zeal for learning. Students feel their future rests on their performance in exams. It is important to set goals – even games have levels, but the focus should be on learning.

Track regular progress

Four Ways to make studying as addictive as playing video games

Every time a child plays a game, he sees his progress in points. They see their rank rising with better performance. Teachers and parents can employ the same regular progress tracking technique to help students stay focused on studies. Exams cannot do this, it’s important to set daily or weekly progress reports to keep the students focused.

Learning beyond books

Playing games, kids explore imaginary worlds and discover unexpected things. Same can be done by teachers in the classroom. Often books and learning to complete syllabus can become monotonous. Therefore teachers should focus on educating students beyond books.

Make learning challenging

Games are addictive because every new stage in a game is a new challenge for players. If learning isn’t challenging enough, chances are students get bored. And if the task is too challenging they tend to give up. With use of technology and new techniques, teachers can make their classes challenging and interesting to keep students glued.