Fun Ways to teach your kids other Languages

If you want to raise bilingual children, or want to introduce them to your native language, then there is a fair chance you have enrolled your kids for Chinese tuition in Singapore or Tamil tuition in Singapore. But it is important to understand that you can assist your children to become bilingual with some fun tips too.

Learning a foreign language early in life helps children to be trained better and have a genuine accent. The earlier the child begins learning a foreign language, the easier it becomes for him to master the second language. Studies have shown, children are capable to learn as many as three languages easily, this is because they are exposed to learning at a young age, and it can be easily understood and learned.


But as we grow older, it gets harder to understand new languages and to develop the accent for it. Anyone who has tried learning a new language as an adult would know how challenging it is. However, toddlers and preschoolers have the flexibility to learn new languages, and these can be imparted through the Chinese tuition in Singapore or Tamil tuition in Singapore.

Here are a few fun ways that you can use to teach your kids other languages:

  • Start from scratch and be patient

When beginning to teach children a new language, you need to start from scratch. Start with alphabets, colors, animal names, things etc., to make the child familiar. You can also start with them calling dad, mom, aunt, uncle, grannies or anyone that the child frequently meets. Children develop very differently in comparison to adults, not just in size but with their abilities to process too. Therefore, don’t be too pushy with kids when it comes to learning, make it a fun and enjoyable learning process.

  • Introduce kids to pictures, ready-made educational material and word games to enhance vocabulary


If you would like the child to speak the language you have planned for him, then you would have to make it a routine to read out books (in the language you want the child to learn) and show the kid pictures and play word games with him. You can introduce a few CDs and DVDs of various kids’ games or pictures and words of the language you intend to teach. This will make it easier for the child to learn words, once the child has learnt a few words you can reinforce them in daily routine by conversing with the child in the same language and making the learning process fun.

  • Make learning natural and not overbearing

When a child figures out that learning is not fun but overbearing, they would tend to draw away from learning. Therefore, it is important to keep the learning process as close to their normal routine as possible. You can take the child to the neighborhood where the language (you want to teach) is spoken, or if you have time, you can travel to the foreign country to let your child experience the language and culture, and also to develop interest for it.



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