Getting Your Child Started With Music

Children have been known to respond to music from an early age. Doctors have proven that fetus is known to relax when the mother listens to soothing music. Parents notice their children humming and playing with their toy musical instruments for hours together. Parents are the best judge to determine if their child has a musical bent or not.

Music Education

Read on to know how you can help your child to get started on learning music –

1. Advantages of Learning Music

Music education in Singapore has come a long way in making it affordable and appreciable for all people. A large number of parents are encouraging children to opt for music lessons in order to provide them with a time slot where they can relax and do something they enjoy.

It has been proven that a child who learns an instrument or has any kind of formal training in music, is better at expressing his emotions and is much more disciplined.

Learning music involves motor and sensory skills; hence the child gets better at using both his hands for doing an activity. It was also seen that children who learn music are better at learning new language than those who don’t.

Studies have also shown that children stand to increase their spatial ability if they learn classical music. They will be better at grasping mathematical concepts.

2. How to Get Started?

The best way to start is by observing the child closely. A child who has interest in music will display some or the other symptoms about it. He may play with a toy piano or tap his fingers on the kitchen worktop or sing unconsciously with the television. This should be the first indication for parent to start thinking about getting him music lessons.

3. Determine the Level of Interest

Music lesson are additional cost for the parent, so it would be wise to determine if the child has a considerable interest in learning or will be just doing it for time pass. In a matter of five to six lessons, the parent will be able to make a sound decision on whether the child is developing further interest and if the teacher is being able to do his job correctly or not.

4. Have an Open Discussion

Before opting for Music courses in Singapore, teachers always advise parents to have an open chat with their children before enrolling them for a music lesson. Children should be told firmly that taking up a music course, will involve practice times and dedicated time slots to it. Only when a child will understand the responsibility clearly will he be able to do justice to it.

5. Offer Complete Support

A child needs encouragement at home from his parents and their siblings in order to do well at music. He might find it difficult along the way and lose interest. At times like these the family support becomes very essential and crucial.