Good Grades Aren’t Everything You Need to Get Into UniSIM

SIM University (UniSIM) perfectly balances career, family and studies related issues of students. To secure a place in the offered 200 seats, candidate needs to inherit social skills apart from good academics. Recently, University authorities have decided to add a four step process of interview for its four year full time programme. Student’s can complete the 4 year offered course in just 3 years by taking more modules during evening classes.

SIM University (UniSIM)

UniSIM will be offering a full four time year courses from August 2104 for the first time. An applicant requires passing a rigorous selection process ending in April 2014, to get admission in various courses. The four phases of interviews are described below:

Short Listing through preliminary Interview

The students will be shortlisted on the basis of both academic and non-academic skills as mentioned in their application forms. Applicants will be contacted through the internet and asked to watch a video sent from UniSIM. Based on video, some questions will be asked from the students. Correct answers from candidate will increase his chances of success.

Second Round of Group Interviews

Group interviews will be scheduled at UniSIM for candidates clearing first interview. Candidates will be asked questions on a given scenario. Communication skills will be judged on the basis of answers or suggestions provided by a particular student.

Third Test

A 15 minute test for examining the cognitive abilities of candidates will be conducted. Test will contain numerical and reasoning questions for assessing problem solving abilities of a candidate. After a success in the mentioned test, final interview will be scheduled.

Panel interview

Individual interviews before an expert panel will be conducted. Individual candidate will appear in front of a panel and answer their questions. This may be one-to-one type of interview or the panel may consist of more than one interviewer. Candidate’s commitment and consciousness will be tested during this final interview.

Why your need more than Good Grades?

This rigorous selection process will test aspiring candidates in the areas apart from academics. New format will help the students to take credit for their non-academic skills. For example: Students with fair marks who participated in drama, debate or in any sports activity will have more chances of getting selected.

New system will provide a good opportunity for socially conscious learners who are not high rank holders in academics. The programme will undertake social factors in consideration during the admission process. The programme is aimed at grooming socially aware students who are fit for industry needs as well. Now, one needs not to be afraid of his low grades and can apply for the selected courses at the university.

Successful candidates will be contacted through email by the University authorities after declaration of result.

Benefits For Low Graders

In a world  where academic excellence is the number one parameter to judging your mental abilities, UniSIM is an exam, which offers you a chance to show more than just theoritcal knowledge acquired through conventional schooling, but it also gives weight to one’s personal talents.

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