Good News For Kids; TV Show Hi-5 Launches First Pre-School In Singapore

The well-liked childhood television show has launched its first early youth learning program at its first House of Learning pre-school in Singapore this June. And, the enrollment for the July’s school term is open, and tour through the school has been easily reached for guardians.


School Location

The school will be located at Hoe Chiang Road and its students will be matured between 18 months to 6 years. There will be distinctive programs offered for various age groups which comprises of pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten one and two.

The kindergarten students will be on a more organized program when contrasted with alternate levels to permit a smooth move to grade schools.

Pre-School Aims At…

Through play and discover, the school means to make its students appreciate while experiencing the Hi-5 experience.

Songs, clips, and stories from the well known Australian program will be incorporated into the learning educational modules to “empower savor in learning and make a rich and fortifying learning environment“.

To guarantee that all Primary One evaluation areas are included, particular expertise sets and tasks will be focused in the educational programs.

Languages to be taught…

The first language to be included in House of Learning pre-school will be English. It will, likewise, be the medium of communication.

The second language will be Mandarin. Every day educational modules include music, science, world information, mathematics, creativity, and physical improvement.

The director of operations, Dr Christoper Pereira gave a statement that through “House of Learning in Singapore they will equip children with the social skills to handle the demands of everyday living and interactions to guarantee all round educational development of a child.”

The first Hi-5 pre-school opened in Kuala Lumpur last year. And, now it has been opened in Singapore. Every parent must avail the opportunity and get their kids registered for their better future.