Google Knocks the Schools with Drive for Education

Google is now all set to take over the classrooms as well. In the early phase of the year, they launched an online education tool, Classroom for the teachers. This amazing tool assisted the teachers to manage their classes online. Now after the teachers, it’s the turn of students to get benefited from Google latest and updated version of Google Drive for education.

Google Drive for Education

Announcing the Drive for Education, the company has added a new part of its apps for Education platform and with unlimited storage. This is somehow similar to the Drive for Work. In this the students and educators who attend or work at institutions and are registered with Google Apps for Education can access. The major difference is that you need to pay $10 a month in case of Drive for work but, this educational counterpart is available for free. It comes with no ads for all the non-profit education organizations.

Next question arises for the security of the data. Making it very clear Ben Schrom, the manager of Google Apps for Education stated that each file you upload to Google Drive will be encrypted from your device to Google data centers and on Google servers both. To this he also added that this new storage solution for the educators is backed by Google Apps Vault.

Serving all the students with unlimited storage (with a 5TB per-file size limit) and complete access to the Google Apps Vault for message archiving needs, it relives them from all worries of space left in terms of gigabytes. Both the educators and students will get a better learning experience with Google Apps for Education.

To summarize, here are listed three most striking features of this astounding and helpful tool for the education world.

Unlimited storage: Earlier to this, students had to worry about the storing capacity for their enormous files. The Google Drive for education says no more to your worries as it supports individual files up to 5TB in size. You can use this unlimited and free space in the coming weeks.

Vault: Google Apps Vault is a perfect solution for search and discovery for all your compliance need. Adding more to the Google Drive, it is free for all users by the end of the year.

Improved Auditing: Now you can make use of the reporting tools, auditing tools and an Audit API to monitor all your activities.