Helping your children to build a strong math foundation!!!

Is your kid facing problem learning his subjects properly in the school? One of the reasons may be that he is lacking interest in mathematics. Math is an important subject to be learnt and it helps children to do well with the other subjects too. Researches have proved that by learning math effectively, the toddlers become more smart and active. It enhances their thinking power and assists their mental growth.


In all, a good math foundation is a must and you can significantly help your children in this. Have a look at the below mentioned tips:

Make them understand the value of numbers;

For making a strong base, it is your responsibility to make them realize the value of the numbers. Ranging from their preparatory classes to their higher classes, they need to play with these numbers. So, do not let them just cram 1, 2, 3… Rather teach them with live examples like one chocolate, two toffees and so forth, explaining them the difference between numbers.

Make math’s a practice;

The biggest problem which arises with mathematics is that it is not enough to teach a particular concept once, instead you need to repeat it several times. Generally, the math solutions are confusing and repeating them regularly makes a better understanding.

Make a predefined goal;

For attaining success, it is important to have a vision of what to achieve in life. Same goes for the math learning, whether it is learning of the multiplication tables in the beginning classes or solving out large algebra problems for higher competitive exams, defining success is must. Making the goal clear, lays the foundation to its achievement.

Make teaching in order;

Learning math highly requires being in order. For example, you cannot switch to the difficult trigonometry or calculus, without having the appropriate knowledge of Algebra. So starting with the basics, help you to make a better understanding for future. Making the children learn the topics in order enables them to thoroughly understand the concept.

In all, putting efforts as per the aforementioned tips help you to enhance their skills for solving math problems. It will surely help to form a good base, strong pillar for their future.