8 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Home Tutor

As globalisation further shrinks the world to become an even smaller place, efficiency and innovative solutions are being expected from young minds. In order to keep with that rigour and intensity, children need to have the best home tutors to guide them.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to find the best home tutor for your child!


Syllabus is getting more complex with difficult topics being included. Not only that, everything is also becoming more competitive. Many students are suffering because of this change and are not able to overcome their problems by themselves.

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These problems, however, can be easily remedied by experienced home tutors. Having a home tutor will not only make the student more prepared for the current syllabus, they will also be able to learn efficiently giving them an edge over other students.


No matter how good or bad a student is in academics, they will have their own strengths and weaknesses. For many students, it is difficult to analyse themselves to find their own strengths and weaknesses. School teachers also do not have the time to help every student with this process.

Home tutors, however, will help students do this for them. Moreover, they can also alter their teaching method to help students tackle their weaknesses and fortify their strengths which is difficult to do for students by themselves.


In school, one teacher will have to teach more than a few dozen students at once. Every student will have different learning styles and different preferences but a teacher will not be able to cater to all of these.

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Moreover, if a student has a teacher who’s teaching style is completely incompatible with their learning style, they would have no other choice but to just suck it up.

Home tutoring, however, provides a solution for students who face this problem. Tutors have the power to change their teaching style, homework and assessments such that the student receives the maximum benefits.


The main reason why many students and parents back away from having a tutor are because they are afraid that it is a waste of time. They are afraid that the few hours that they spend on tuition each week is going to waste.

Au contraire, the truth is that with a skilled tutor, tuition will end up saving a lot of time and effort in the long run. Tutors help students to improve their study methods and allow students to learn more effectively and at a faster pace.


Many students are truly hardworking and spend a significant amount of time studying for all their assessments. However, they may realise that no matter how much time they put in, they still end up scoring unexpectedly low.

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The main reasons for this could be misconceptions or underdeveloped fundamentals. Spotting these without external help is a very difficult task and rectifying it is even harder. Tutors can help to strengthen students’ fundamentals and clear any misconceptions that they could have.


Tutors can help students organise study schedules. Many students are very inefficient in studying as they just stare at a thousand-page textbook not knowing which parts to study.

Without a plan of what to study and when to study it, students may end up overworking themselves and putting in more effort than they need to. Having a study schedule will also motivate students to study consistently.


Tutors can prepare their own assignments, homework and study materials personalised for the students. These study materials can help students receive much more exposure and gain more knowledge in particular topics.

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This extra practice will also help students become more prepared to face any challenging question in their examinations giving them an edge over other students without the study materials.


 Home tuition provides students with one-to-one interaction with their tutors and this personalised teaching will help students and tutors understand each other more. Home tuition also eliminates all travel time for students, increasing the potential free time for them. Although home tuition may cost more, these benefits more than compensate for it.