Homework apps: A digital helping hand for parents and children

Today, there might be no app to help kids carry their bags, but there are apps that help parents and kids to keep a track of homework assignments. Most importantly, few apps also lend a hand when kids need help with math formulas long forgotten by parents. Many parents are tapping the power of social media or mobile apps to assist kids in their homework. They not only provide assistance but also solve problems and equations. These apps are becoming more and more popular because they are helping parents solve all crazy and tricky questions thrown at them. Such sites, forums and applications are helping parents understand the concept of digital knowledge base. Once the concept is properly understood, parents can teach their children more effectively.

Homework apps: A digital helping hand for parents and children

Image Credits: straitstimes

Same way, these apps are helping kids by making them to do their homework diligently and also maintain pace with the class at the same time. Such apps also help in creating curiosity in children; making them more attentive in the classroom.

Within a few years, many online portals have sprung up for kids and their parents andare acting like counsellors for kids and parents alike. They keep them updatedon admissions, latest examination trends, etc. Many dedicated pages are hoarded on Facebook, including for those who are taking PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination), whereas many other groups, such as Math’s Model Method – Singapore or Singapore Secondary, JC Mathematics, etc., havemore than 2000 members, working dedicatedly on giving mathematics solutions.

EduSnap, a mobile based app that allows students and parents to obtain answers for free, has attracted many users since last year. The platform allows parents to upload pictures of worksheets and wait for replies onsubjects, such as Mathematics, Science and English. The solutions are provided by teachers who are either working voluntarily or are associated with tuition centres.
The teaching trends are changing, and the new trend is taking the concept of education and homework towards the social network which can be pen named the future learning system.

Such forums and apps poseno threat to our education system, but sometimes solutions presented by the experts sitting on the other end may be beyond the understanding of the student.