How can Foreign Students Get Admission into Singapore Local School?

Singapore is generally a choice of country for many students to study in for their higher studies as the country offers high quality education, as well as security. Many are unsure of how to get admission to enter Singapore local schools as the procedure may not be as clear. International students who want to get into Primary 2 to 5 or Secondary 1 to 3 need to write the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS).

What is the AEIS?

The AEIS is conducted to ensure that international students admitted to the mainstream schools are able to cope with requirements of Singapore’s education and curriculum. The AEIS consists of a centralised test on English and Mathematics that will assess the applicants’ English literacy, numeracy and their reasoning abilities. The students will have to submit an online application for the AEIS and submit supporting documents to Students should also ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria which can be found on the official Moe website. Sitting for the AEIS does not confirm that the student will be offered a spot in the schools as their performance in the exercise will still affect their chance.

International students who want to apply for Primary 1 will have to register during Phase3 of the P1 Registration Exercise. The students will have to register for this phase after all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents have been allocated a place under the earlier phases of the P1 Registration Exercise. Students who want to register in Primary 1 have to follow a 2-step process.

Firstly, they will have to submit an online indication of interest form via the MOE P1 website during a time period that can be found on the website. If the students miss the deadline, they will not be able to register during the Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise. Secondly, MOE will notify the applicants who have indicated their interest as to whether they can be offered a P1 place in a primary school.

If a place is offered, the parent of the child will be informed of how to register with the designated school. The Singapore local school admission for foreign students will also inform them of the reporting day and the relevant documents that the student needs to bring for verification at the school, including the outcome letter by MOE HQ.

Things you need

The documents will include the details of the Child and the Parents, valid email address, local contact number, soft copy of child’s birth certificate and passport, soft copy of the parents’ NRIC front and back and soft copy of the parents’ marriage certificate. 

What you need to remember…

International students seeking admission to Junior Colleges or Millennia Institute are to apply to the schools directly. Admission is not guaranteed and is subject to the international students meeting the school’s admission criteria and availability of vacancies. Nonetheless, Singapore is one of the many countries that offer high quality higher education which enables individuals to excel in their field and perform exceptionally well!