How can Primary Higher Chinese tutors help your child?

We all know that the Chinese language is not all that easy to master because it is complex in nature and to add on to this, students these days rarely speak in their Mother Tongue at home as well. It is important to speak the language at home frequently as that adds on to the fluency and helps children to get comfortable with the language. Otherwise, conversing and writing in school may seem a little foreign, and they will struggle to a great extent.


It can be a true struggle for students if they do this all by themselves; especially for students who take up Higher Chinese as a subject. They may be talented enough to perform well at the standard level but they might need the extra push to score an ‘A’ and only primary 3 higher Chinese tutors will be able to accomplish this. Hence tutor’s guidance is of a dire need these days for youngsters in order to score well in Chinese exams. A tutor will be able to provide great assistance and motivation for students to start admiring the subject and taking an effort to improve their grades.



Chinese tutors have to make sure that their students have built a strong core for themselves in the language at an advanced level; which includes strong grammar and vast vocabulary knowledge.

In order to take an advanced approach to the language, one has to ensure that the foundation is strong. Higher Chinese tutor assesses their students’ strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities and they will maneuver along with students to adjust and adapt.


Essay writing requires lots of general knowledge and unfortunately, that is something that students these days lag in. The ignorance and indifference to everything that is happening around the world are of great concern and that has to change. The best way to go about doing that is to read up and update with current affairs in order to attempt argumentative essays.



Excelling in Primary school Higher Chinese is not easy and indeed, the journey can be daunting. Confidence is absolutely essential to perform well in examinations because should a student lack confidence, that will be the biggest barrier to performing well. Motivation from tutors will be a great source of support and students will always feel that someone has their back.


Primary school Higher Chinese tuition teachers who are well-versed in the language will always willing to teach students no matter how strong or weak they are in the subject. There is no one way to get better at something without hard work and patience is of utmost importance because mastering a language takes time. Persistence is essential because that self-motivation is really needed for students to excel in the subject. No one owes you success and it’s up to individuals to take the necessary steps to improve and develop!