How has the Singapore education system changed in the past few years?

So many changes have taken place in the Singapore education system for the past decade or more. In fact, the system is regulated every two years; small changes are being brought often. Hence the changes accumulate overtime to make it seems as if a drastic measure has been taken place. Education in the past is not the same as it is right now; the landscape has completely been altered. For example, home tuition wasn’t so prominent back then; now, most students opt for this as subjects have become so much more complex and abstract.

Education and meritocracy have been given great importance in our country. It has always been the primary reason for the progress of the nation because the talents of the country have been utilized effectively. 

Unfortunately, many students find this to be stressful. Since education has become so competitive, students do not enjoy the journey of learning; children are compelled to bite off more than they can chew. Though the quality of education may be great, it is considered to be too complex and abstract. To make things worse, the academically weaker students may feel even more helpless. 



Now, there are now no more examinations and graded assessments for primary 1 and 2 students and the intent of this change is obvious; to reduce mental stress. This change combats the main criticism of the Singapore education system, the mental stress it places on the students.

If learning becomes too serious, the primary focus of education may seem to end up with chasing grades instead of having fun during the process of learning and this problem has been addressed by this change. If this unhealthy mentality continues, students may lose interest and not realize what they are passionate about. 


The traditional way of learning as we all know is sitting in a classroom among forty other students and this has always been the norm. Students wish for more interesting ways of learning and this will keep them motivated to learn more. Online learning has gained significance and the idea of increasing the opportunities for exchange programs and field trips. This has gathered the attention and interest of students in the journey of education. 


The DSA scheme encourages students who have special talents to work on it and enhance their skills. This changing focus on solving the problem of students being overwhelmed by trying to excel in too many subjects. They forced to study hard for subjects that they may not enjoy and this can cause frustration.

The DSA application process can be done through the online registration MOE (Ministry of Education) portal. All schools will also have a common application time. They will give students greater options when choosing talent areas and schools. 


The new changes in the Singapore education system are extremely beneficial. They help to solve the problems and complaints that currently exist, as well as to address the criticisms that had been associated with the education system. Nonetheless, the changes will bring about drastic effects on the way. It enhances the skills of students as well as to make use of the young talents of the country in an effective way!