How to become a secondary English home tutor?

Being a tutor of any sort is not an easy task because there are many nuances to this job. English is the universal language for communication and it’s the bridge between people who speak different mother tongues and are from different ethnicities, with different nationalities and skin color.

It has certainly become essential to be bilingual and to be able to speak eloquently in the English language in order to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively and convincingly to others!


Since the English language has gained such importance, students also feel the pressure to perform well in the subject and hence the demand for secondary 2 english home tutor has increased. It is especially important for students to perform well in the English language at the O levels and A levels because those are important checkpoints that students have to get past in order to get into good courses in the university.

So, what are the important features of an English home tutor?


In order to help your students, tutors will have to observe and understand students in many areas; for example,

1) How strong is the student’s Vocabulary?

2) Does he/she know how to use phrases and idioms appropriately in essays?

3) How does he/she approach an essay topic?

4) How is the response to his/her tutor’s feedback?

It will take a month or so for tutors to fully understand their student’s learning style and their learning pace and this is extremely important. It is then up to the tutor to customize their teaching to suit the student, in order to help them excel. English tutors need to understand that teaching has to be customized according to each child’s specific learning needs.


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It’s a laborious process and it can be extremely exhausting. Students need to keep themselves motivated throughout the journey and never give up. This quality of determination and persistence is essential to one going no matter what hurdle comes across. This support and strength have to come from English tutors because students are bound to feel helpless and lost if there is a lack of guidance.

It takes time to grow!


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English tutors are the only ones who would know how to give practice questions and how to evaluate them and give proper feedback. Speaking is one thing and writing is a whole new arena. Mastering a language includes being able to speak well, as well as to write well.

Tutors will encourage you to read through what you have written and they will suggest that you create a new draft each time, and every draft should be better than the one preceding it.


There are many English home tuition teachers who are well-versed in the language and are willing to teach students no matter how weak they are. There is no one way to get better at something; it’s always a culmination of many different tactics and strategies. There are lower secondary and upper secondary tuition teachers available and ready to help push those grades up and above; so, there’s no need to fear!