How to Become an Efficient Home Tutor for Chinese Subject?

Being a Chinese Tutor is a tough job, especially if you have to teach foreign students. Chinese is considered one of the difficult languages to learn due to the strange writing system and complex symbols. This is why many home tutors finds it tough task to make their students excel in Chinese language.

How to Become an Efficient Home Tutor for Chinese Subject?

Here we have given some tested and tried tips you need to help your students learn Chinese with an ease.

1. Make Them Enable to Use Chinese Characters:

Make sure your students are efficient enough to understand and use Chinese characters. There are many similar sounding words in Chinese, causing confusion among students learning them. So, they must start with the Chinese characters and their strokes first. These strokes are as important to Chinese learning as phonics is to learning English. Explain the different Chinese character stroke lines along with their meaning to the students. In this way, you can help them build a strong foundation to learn Chinese language in further stages.

2. Use Interactive Ways to Teach Chinese:

You must choose interactive ways to teach Chinese if a student finds reading boring. For example, you can use audio and video mediums to deliver the lessons. There are various apps and educational games, where students can practice their skills and play games based on a mixture of spoken Chinese and Chinese characters. Besides, you can use their favourite cartoons dubbed in Chinese available on YouTube. In this way, you can make learning Chinese easy and interesting as well for your student.

3. Communicate in Chinese Language:

By communicating in Chinese with your students, you are creating an idle environment for Chinese learning, and making Chinese language seem much more friendly and fun. Make sure you are using Chinese phrases or sentences which are easy to understand for a student. Encourage them to start conversation freely without thinking about grammar rules.

However, you must keep the pace with your student’s learning to decide the level of your communication.

So, these are some tips to be an efficient home tutor for Chinese subject. Show them that learning Chinese language is not an overwhelming task. Besides using these tips, give personal attention and work on the key areas of improvement of your student.