How to Develop Your Child’s English Language Skill

Most parents are always in a dilemma about which books to choose for their young children and what activities to plan for them. By making a few changes, parents can encourage a child to read, speak and write in English with confidence.

English Language

Tips to Develop Your Child’s English Language Skill

1. Speak To Your Child in Good English

Parents should speak to their children in simple English. Slowly and steadily the child will gain confidence and make it a habit. The important thing to remember is not to ridicule or scold the child when he or she makes a mistake. Conversations in English are a sure shot method to increase the oral vocabulary of a child. Children learn from example and will soon try to ape the communication skills of the parent.

2. Introduce Books at an Early Age

There is no perfect age or right moment to introduce books to a child. A small toddler can also flip through pages, while sitting in the lap of his mother. Books that have repetitive sentences and funny pictures are always a hit with young kids. The local library can be consulted for the list of most recommended books for young children. It is not important in the early stage to have command over English. What is more important is to know how to read a book.

3. Make Learning a Joyful Experience

Make learning a delightful experience, instead of a mode for rewards and punishment. The child should not feel pressurized to do well at any cost. The emphasis on scores in test should not be the top most priority. Holistic learning should be encouraged in order to encourage all round development in the child.