How to Find Best Tuition Agency in Singapore

An average number of students in most classes in Singapore are around 40. With such a large number of students allocated to one teacher, it does become difficult to give individual attention to each one of them. If both the parents are working, things get a bit more complicated. They hardly get time to help children complete their routine homework, left alone other assignments and projects. Moreover, even when parents have the time, they may not have the caliber to help their kids with the kind of assignments they are given from school.

Under all such circumstances, parents require home tuition to assist their children. The service has evolved into a fully-fledged industry with plenty of tuition agencies around in Singapore. The difficult task is choosing the right agency and then selecting the correct tutor.

Things you can keep in mind before you engage a tutor

Choose registered agencies only

Home tuition is a low start-up capital business for most people, and this is the reason why many of the aspired entrepreneurs want to begin their business journey as a tuition agency. But, don’t get fooled by the appearance of their website, it’s always better to check their registration documents. You can check for the registration details online, from their website, or personally visit their office in Singapore.

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Take referrals from friends and family

It’s a good idea to take referrals from your colleagues, friends and family. After all, how many tutoring agencies will you visit before finalizing on one. Some agency websites give you testimonials by others, but the better way is to still consult other parents. They can give you a genuine advice from their personal good and bad experience with tutoring agencies.

Always talk to a number of tutors before finalizing

After you’ve shortlisted the tuition agency in Singapore, it’s important to prepare a list of tutors whose services you’d like to get. You can check for their profiles on the agency’s website, and contact them personally too. Talk to a few of them whose qualification matches your children’s need. Also check for characteristics like patience, dedication and commitment, and the level of competency with a given subject.

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Tutors with class room experience

When parents hire tutors for helping children with their home work and school assignments, it becomes important to hire a tutor who has the exact knowledge about how students are taught in a class room. Teachers who work with regular schools, but take up tutoring as a part time job, helping students after school time can be the perfect option. They are well acquainted with the type of assignments given by the school, and what it needs to be accomplished for academic success.

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Private tutors can be a risk

Choosing independent and private tutors can be a potential risk as there is no one accountable for them. When you hire someone from tutoring agencies in Singapore, you can always give them your feedback, and ask for an immediate change if you’re dissatisfied. With private tutors this option is eliminated and you have to wait for the deal to get over.