Role of Tutoring Jobs in Earning an Extra Income

In this day and age, a lot has changed; our needs, demands, wants and so much more have evolved to a great extent. In order to accommodate all this, the same salary a parent has been earning a few years ago is no longer enough now; more is needed to satisfy our needs and wants. Students, especially college-going undergraduates who understand the struggle of their parents are now willing to work while studying in order to lighten the burden.
There are several aspects that one should look at before landing on a job; that includes, the location, your schedule, the salary you will get, career-relevance and the experience you will potentially gain from the job.

Tutoring Jobs

Source: Carleton University OnLine

One of the best jobs a student can have is to be a part-time home tutor. The steps to find the tuition job in Singapore is not all that complicated; it is pretty simple indeed. This has high job security, good pay, students will learn a lot through the experience of tutoring other younger kids and its indeed highly satisfactory.

What do we mean by job security?
Where this is concerned, as long as you are honest with your efforts in tutoring, the kids you tutor will benefit will have respect and appreciation for you. They will have you hired as their tutor for as long as they require and once your education journey with them comes to an end, they will recommend you to their juniors. It’s a domino effect and that’s how you grow your career. This is what we mean by “job security”. The demand for a tutor never falls but you have to stay relevant, adapt and improve your teaching skills.

Depending on your education level and prior experience in teaching, you can negotiate your pay rate before you start tutoring. This requires you to weigh the costs and benefits, analyse and understand what is best for you and your student. Working as a part-time tutor, it will be a flexible schedule that you can work around if you are a part-time tutor.

Tutoring jobs


In this day and age, with the advent of technology and the internet, online tutoring as becoming a great boon for many young and aspiring tutors. By being an online tutor, you can set your own schedule, work from anywhere and everywhere, you are not pressurised to stick to any deadlines, you are only answerable to yourself and the success of your career solely depends on how you steer your ship being the captain.
While many online tutoring services require some amount of experience in a classroom and a certificate that indicated that you have undergone teacher training, some positions only ask for a degree related to the subject they would teach, and a few do not even ask for that as a prerequisite. The best part about this is that teachers can teach from the comfort of their own homes and it does not require them to travel elsewhere. The internet conveniently eradicates other small daily-life stress factors and makes life so much easier.
Conducting online tuition does not only offer a comfortable and flexible work environment, but the pay also varies with different tuition agencies, it is flexible and it is indeed profitable. The key to earn a sizeable amount of profit it to specialise; stand out. That extra money you earn will go a long way in helping you meet your expenditure needs as a student as well.

The options for jobs are endless but the most fruitful of them all is certainly teaching. Teaching others will teach you a lot in terms of values like patience and compassion and you will gain knowledge along the way because the job’s nature is as such whereby it forces you to continue learning because you need to have the breadth of knowledge to answer your students’ every question.