I was quite mischievous and got a big fat Zero, Says Mr Meng to School Kids

In a video-taped chit chat session, Acting Education Minister, Ng Chee Meng, was seen with some primary school kids from Meridian Primary School in a videotaped chit chat session. The session was conducted for a candid chat with the kids, in which they can share “their joys, fears, and challenges, from exams, stress to being smelly.”

primary school

Watch Video Here: Let’s help make their learning journey more fun

The children asked education minister many questions about his life, education, and school life. On a question about his school time, Mr. Meng replied,” You put it that way long time…long long time ago..actually very similar to all of you, you know. I enjoyed playing with my friends, I enjoyed running around. I was quite mischievous, actually. In primary 2, I just refused to study for my ting xie. And I got a big fat zero.”

The education minister later said that he enjoyed sports and used to come back to class soaked with sweat.

During the interaction, the minister asked them,” What will you do to help Singapore”. “I will use half of money to extend Singapore”, said one student while another reply was like, “I want to famous Singer and Rapper.”

On knowing that one student wants to sit PSLE, Mr. Meng told her that he himself didn’t score well in PSLE.

NG Chee Meng is known for his active role to encourage students through his speeches, visit, and interactions. The minister has spoken on the role of students in the country development.