The Importance of Studying Social Studies

What is Social Studies All About?

Social studies is an important part of a student’s education in Singapore. It studies people and their cultures, societies, economies, and politics. History is integral to social studies and can tell us how the world has changed from the Singaporean perspective.

The topics studied in social studies cover historical content, with Singapore’s history being the premise of it all. It covers how Singapore progressed from a third-world nation to a first-world nation.


The significance of learning social studies

Social studies allow us to learn from the successes and mistakes of those who came before us. For example, studying past wars can help us understand how different nations interacted with each other in hostile circumstances.

In Singapore , tutors teach students how British colonial rule shaped our modern society and how we as a nation have worked to build an independent state. By understanding our past, we are better placed to make informed decisions about our future and confront any challenges that come our way through critical thinking skills.

A sense of belonging

Studying what happened in the past helps us gain a sense of identity and belonging by learning about our own heritage and culture. This knowledge gives students a greater appreciation for their country’s history, values, beliefs and customs.

By a better understanding of the geopolitical context of various countries worldwide, we become more globally aware citizens with greater respect for other cultures.

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Studying social studies with its emphasis on history enables Singaporean students to acquire a deep understanding of Singaporean society both in its current form and historically, ultimately equipping them with the essential skills required to engage with this constantly changing world meaningfully.

Why do we need to know about our past?

Knowing history is an essential part of understanding the world around us. Through history, we understand the events, people and cultures that have shaped our lives and the world today. We can draw lessons for the present and future by learning about past events. For example, looking at how empires rose and fell in the past can help us anticipate potential risks to global stability today.

Subjects like social studies and history bring about cultural awareness, teaches students about various political ideas, creates a better understanding of social science in today’s interconnected world, and ideally shapes the mind of young learners in an important way.

Empathising with others

History helps us appreciate different cultures and understand why people from different backgrounds think, feel and act differently. By studying different civilizations throughout time, we are better equipped to empathize with others who might have had different experiences than our own. All this knowledge helps us recognize commonalities among seemingly disparate societies and cultural groups.



We learn valuable life lessons such as understanding cause-and-effect relationships between events, dealing with disappointment or setbacks through resilience and perseverance, being tolerant towards those different from ourselves, or recognizing that progress comes slowly over time.

Our past shows us just how far humanity has come in its long journey over time and how our actions can impact future generations.

How will social studies prepare students to be better leaders of tomorrow?

Social studies can help to prepare students to be better leaders of tomorrow by equipping them with an understanding of key historical events, political systems, and cultural contexts. By studying these topics, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to think critically about the societal issues they may face. Singapore is a culturally diverse society with unique challenges that require competent young people to become great leaders to propel the country forward.

To be a good citizen :

Studying history is vital for a more informed citizenry with insight into their own culture and a greater appreciation for other cultures worldwide. By having knowledge about the past, we are better prepared to make decisions about our present-day lives which will shape the future of our society.

Through social studies, students can learn how different societies have managed and addressed conflicts, explored ethical dilemmas, or worked toward developing a more just society. A socio-democratic society like Singapore has its own diverse society with cultural differences, which aims to create responsible citizens among young people through social studies education.

This knowledge can then be applied to current problems that nations and individuals face today. Looking at past successes and failures helps us create balanced solutions for the future, benefiting everyone involved.



Creation of a great leader :

A good leader should also possess a deep understanding of various cultures worldwide and an appreciation for differences in opinions. Through social studies, students develop empathy for others who may come from different backgrounds or perspectives than their own and respect for others’ rights and beliefs.

A great political leader have to have a vast knowledge of matters of the world, the types of governance of the past and the present (and be aware of their pros and cons as well), they have to be strategic thinkers, foresee the consequences of decisions they make, inspire and motivate others and so much more. There are just a few of the very many qualities that a great leader has to have.

Why do students struggle with social studies subject in Singapore?

Students in Singapore may struggle to excel in social studies due to a lack of guidance and motivation. Many students are left to struggle all alone without a clear direction in learning the subject. The focus on rote memorization of facts and figures does not encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, which are essential for making sense of our society and empathise with global issues.

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For students to excel in social studies, they should have access to engaging activities and materials that encourage them to think critically about current and past events, thus equipping them with essential problem-solving skills needed for success in other subjects.

Student-centred learning is also important – educators should involve their pupils in interactive discussions and activities while teaching social studies to promote active reasoning and a deeper understanding of concepts.

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