“Are You Good Enough?”: Coping With Inadequacy And Self-doubt

We often catch ourselves feeling inadequate and insecure about everything related to us. We become extra cautious with our words and actions, which often times makes us feel restricted on the inside. Tuition teachers and teachers in school are well aware of this feeling as they themselves have been students in their lives. They can empathise with their students and suggest ways in which this hurdle can be tackled.

self doubt
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The biggest challenge is to make students understand that this is a common phenomenon for many people. When this is normalised, students would feel less guilty about their plight and they will be more willing to take the necessary steps to take care of this issue. This is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and should not be let to snowball. If done so, the consequences may be detrimental.

Here are ways in which students can overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt!


This phenomenon is better called as the “imposter syndrome”. It creeps in insidiously and it wracks havoc in a person, in ways in which one could never think of. One needs to be in tune with themselves and understand what bothers them the most. It might be the thought that you are not smart enough, or you might feel that you don’t fit into the school that you go to. You might feel that you do not deserve the accomplishments you attain and this would really push you and your self-esteem down.

The first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to realise that you are going through this problem, acknowledge it and accept it. From here, one can think of how to eradicate the problem.

Voice It Out

Some students are used to bottling up their feelings and never have the habit of sharing the insecurities with others. It is not necessary to share everything with everyone, however, it is detrimental to lock things up in one’s mind. You need to choose your confidante wisely, and share with them about your thoughts and feelings. If you feel inhibited to share this anyone, you can cultivate the habit of writing them down in a private diary.

voice it out
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Sometimes listing down the things that bother you one by one would help you “visualise” your problems. The mind might seem to be clouded by various problems but when you list them down, they may not seem to be as big as you had imagined it to be!


One of the biggest mistakes that most of us make is the lack of appreciation we have for the good qualities that we possess. Self-love and pride are extremely important for one to have (of course, this should not escalate into arrogance) as they will be motivators in times when you feel that you’ve hit your lows.

When you are in the right frame of mind, and when you have a positive outlook on life, you will have the mental capacity to appreciate everything that’s around you. You will feel less demotivated and soon enough you will be strong enough to motivate those around you!