Keep Balance between East and West for your kid’s overall Growth

While speaking at the launch of the Keys Academy, Amy Chua of Tiger Mom fame guided the parents about how to offer quality upbringing to their children to help them educated and grow better.
Keep Balance between East and West for your kid’s overall Growth

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She believes that when it comes to choosing between the eastern and western cultures, a mix of both is required. She asserts that the children should be raised with discipline and drilling of the east and individuality and creativity of the west.

In addition to this, she gave a few important tips to the parents to help them nurture their kids well. Have a look.
  • Let your children develop their own opinions and views

    – “Treat them like adults,” Amy insists. Start this with your children from as young as six or seven and help them use their brains and understand their individuality and views. Discuss with them on various topics like politics, sports, economy, etc. Challenge them morally as they get older. This will make them interesting, intelligent and will deepen their thinking.

  • Broaden your definition of success

    – It has been noticed that the Asian people have a limited spectrum for success. Success for them means good grades, test scores, and a bit of sports or art. Parents should broaden their viewpoint about success, she says. In the United States, popular universities like Harvard, Princeton, etc. are accepting students with special talents like being the best drummer, the best guitarist, the best photographer, or candidates with strong social skills and leadership abilities. So she asserts parents to change their mindset.

  • Expose your children to art

    – Besides technical and behavioral learning, other activities like paintings, art, literature, theater, etc. are also very important for a child’s overall development. Make your child love thing besides books. Show them a painting, and ask them what they think about it. What emotions it makes them feel. “I think, it encourages a more open and associative way of thinking and it can make you actually more interesting,” she says. “Because if you can speak using metaphors and analogies, it makes you more lively, you have more stuff to talk about,” she further adds.

A kids should be nurtured with technical, practical, emotional as well as intellectual aspects. This helps them to grow and develop with versatile and get success in all the various fields of life.