Learning Music Can Make Your Child Smarter

A study done for a decade over 25,000 students has proven that children who learn to make music score better in standard tests and are able to read proficiently too. In these times where families lead stressful and busy lives, music plays the part of a welcome relief.


Read on to know more about how music can make your child smarter –

1. Music Improves Learning Time

Children who learn music get into a habit of practicing music on a daily basis and in the long run get more disciplined. The same principle starts getting applied to their studies and it has been seen that the learning time gets shortened considerably. Since making music requires concentration, a child gets more focused.

2. Reduction in Errors

A child who likes to play an instrument will always make an effort to play it right. He soon realizes that the more he practices, the faster he will master an instrument. In the same manner he starts applying the same principle to studies and tries to reduce the errors sometimes even unconsciously.

3. It Makes the Child More Creative

Music is a science that integrates all the senses of the body and is controlled by the brain. A child who learns music is naturally more creative as the options in music are endless. He can push the boundaries of his imagination and create whatever he pleases. It has been seen that children who learn music are more creative. They have very clear ideas about what their aim is and how to achieve it.

4. Better Integration of the Brain

Children who learn music use both the left and right side of the brain. The more they advance in the learning process, the more efficient the learning process becomes. Since children are very adaptive, the integration of the brain because of music also helps them in other areas like studies and sports.

Music Tutors in Singapore, have always stressed on the need for music lessons for children for all round development of the child.