Let Your Kid Win the Secret Of Mind With ClassDojo

ClassDojo bestow kids with a smart class where their skills get developed by watching things in practical to raise their confidence level. And, parents are also kept in thread. It’s an incredible way to communicate and know more about your classrooms. It makes you stay connected with your school as well as home.

ClassDojo is considered as a performance managing tool, which allows teachers or parents to develop positive points like behaving well, communication skills, and other skill enhancements.

ClassDojo is a session in which kids and their parents are invited, and together they are shown videos, images, and informative text to get motivated. This Big Idea is in use in every U.S school, as well as in other countries.

The first series introduced by ClassDojo consists of five episodes, which is all about mind games. The 5 episodes include;

Video 1: A secret about the brain

Video 2: The magic of mistakes

Video 3: The power of “yet”

Video 4: The mysterious world of neurons

Video 5: Little by little

Shared below is a video of the first episode, which discovers a secret about the brain.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zrtHt3bBmQ]

By watching this video, you can see a character named Mojo, who loves going to school. But, one day when he was unable to solve difficult questions of maths, he felt that he’s not smart enough. Then, his friend motivateshim by saying that you can’t give up. To get a smart brain is just like building muscles by exercising. The more you exercise, the more your muscles will grow. Then, Mojo started working hard on every question and learntthe secret of the brain. So, the conclusion is, the more you solve questions, the more your brain gets stronger.

Thus, every teacher or parent should use this smart way to develop the kid’s mind. ClassDojo series is a quite interesting way to stay in touch with kids and to help them grow faster!