List of Best Private Schools in Singapore Along With Fees, Reviews and Ratings

Private schools in Singapore have great recognition all over the world; the quality of education is good and many students keep this as an option when considering their choice of schools. However, parents as well as students are unsure as to which school would be the best for them in terms of what they expect in the educational aspect as well as the financial part of it (the school fees, etc.) So, in no particular order, let’s dive into the analysis of the list of private schools in Singapore


United World College of South East Asia. The UWCSEA is an international school that was opened in Singapore in 1971. It offers the IGCSE and IB diploma. It accepts students from the age of 4 to 19. The school wants students to have a positive approach to learning, progress with confidence, demonstrate positive and collaborative classroom behaviour and be proficient in English.

When allocating places to eligible applicants, the school takes personality, experience, interests, involvement in school and community life, potential and many other qualities. The student will be required to take an eligibility examination or be scheduled for an interview. In the 2019/2020 academic year, the fees for first year school fees ranged from $39000 to $47000 depending on which grade they were in and the fees for subsequent years ranged from $35000 to $43000.

The tuition fees ranged from $31000 to $39000 depending on the grade. The exact amount of fees can be found on the school website. UWCSEA is known for not only being rigorous in academics but also in pushing an external life and activities outside the classroom. 


St. Joseph Institution International. The high school opened in 2007 and was followed by the opening of the elementary school in 2008. It offers the O level and integrated program and IB diploma. For the O level and IP programme, students will be admitted based on their PSLE scores or through Direct School Admissions.

The IP programme also allows secondary 2 students to apply via DSA to get a place in the school in secondary 3. The school also has an entrance test for students who want to transfer into their school in the secondary 2 or 3 level. The students can apply for the IB programme through their O level score or using DSA. For the O-Level programme, the monthly fees will be $340, $720, $1150, $1520 depending on whether the students are Singapore citizens, permanent residents, international ASEAN students or non-ASEAN students, respectively.

How much does it cost for IP Programme?

Similarly, for the IP programme, the monthly fees will be $380, $800, $1280, $1830 and for the IB programme, the monthly fees will be $550, $1050, $1700 and $2300. SJI International provides a blended curriculum that works together with the IB programme and is designed to appeal to a wide variety of nationalities. It also integrates sports very well into its school culture.


Overseas Family School.  Overseas Family School was established in 1991 and follows the IGCSE and IB curriculum. OFS does not have an entrance examination for anyone interested to enrol in the school. Moreover, students can enrol at any time of the year.

The annual fees range from $15000 to $20500 depending on the grade that the student is studying [K1 to Grade 12]. The fees for pre K1 half day is $8000 while pre-K1 full day and pre-K2 is $15000. There is also a one-time non-refundable fee of $2000 payable upon admission, regardless of grade. The school offers a world-class education informed by a global perspective. It also has a rigorous and well-established academic program which provides an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The school is also known for its diverse culture. 


Nexus International School Singapore. The NISS was established in 2011 and offers the IGCSE and IB diploma. Placement in the school will be considered based on the student’s educational and linguistic background. They will have to take an online placement test to determine their skills and may also be interviewed by the head of the school.

The fees will range from $30000 to $40000 depending on the grade that the student is studying [K1 to Grade 12, the exact amount can be found online]. The fees for nursery half day is $21800 while nursery full day $29200. It is one of the most renowned and famous schools in the country due to its many impressive facilities such as modern science and computer labs. It has built an education system that can adapt to every student’s different learning style and needs. 


Parents need to be well-informed of the options available and carefully analyse which school will be the best for the child. Everyone has different expectations and are from different financial backgrounds. Hence, it is essential for people to list out the pros and cons and make an informed decision!