Magic Formula for Maths Success in Singapore

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Though Singapore Math is not rocket science, it is not easy either. It has many challenges in store for students and many students are unaware of them. On top of being unaware of the hurdles they are about to face, they are unequipped to deal with them too. To handle this well, being prepared and having the utmost clarity is essential. Excelling in Mathematics is not impossible but to do so, it takes a lot of time, dedication, persistence and perseverance. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t all alone is taxing and at times students might end up feeling vexed and helpless. In order to set them on the right path, teachers play an extremely important role.

Some parents may assume that the Mathematics teacher in the school will take care of it all but truth is, school teachers cannot give personal attention to each and every student. The best help, the “magic formula” to excel in Singapore math is actually being under the guidance of a good Math tuition teacher, preferably a private tutor.

So, let’s take a look at how a Math tutor will guide a student to achieve excellence in Mathematics…


Learning skills


In order to perform well in Mathematics, students need to have internalized concepts completely and know their formulas at their fingertips. This initial stage is extremely difficult to get by for students because everything would be new and things seem formidable and intimidating. Good math tutors will make sure that they explain the concepts thoroughly to their students, get their students to practice beginner-level math questions to test what they have learned and solidified their basics. This is absolutely essential to establish in order to proceed to the more advanced stages.


Students easily lose confidence when they are unable to comprehend what’s going on and when they are unable to solve Math problem sums. As the saying goes, experts were once beginners, tutors are well aware of how a student’s confidence can take a beating in the initial stages. As they can empathize with all those feelings, they will be a huge pillar of strength, pushing their students beyond the boundaries. They will encourage their students to hypothesize, do a trial and error, think out of the box and ask questions uninhibitedly. This motivation is what keeps students going and encouraging them to keep trying.


Singapore education system encourages students to be critical, analytical and innovative and this can be seen from the way exam papers are set. Questions test students’ ability to be creative in their thinking and to try different methods to derive a solution. Often times students are unable to succeed in this and this may be due to many reasons: Learning gaps, fear, a foundation may not be as strong as it should be, etc.

SG Maths Learning


The best way to cultivate this is through practice. By practicing more and more questions, students would get used to thinking more deeply, creatively and they would venture into it fearlessly even during examinations. Practicing ensures that students become masters in the concepts they have learned and it eliminates the fear factor soon enough.

IN A NUTSHELL, do not let your child suffer alone because Singapore Mathematics is one of the most challenging and high-standard syllabuses in the world. As a parent, be proactive and make sure your child has a math tutor from the beginning to guide them in the right way. As stick in time saves nines, so don’t let problems snowball over time and create a chaos when national examinations are approaching. A good math tutor is the “magic formula” to your child’s success in Mathematics!