Math Tutor Earns $15,000 a Month! How Janice Chuah Make it to the Big?

She is counted among the Top tutors in the country with the revenue of over $1 million dollar per year. She has prestigious awards under her belt like MOE Outstanding Contribution, Best Teacher, and School Caring Teacher. She is the owner of well know tuition center, Concept Math. All hints are pointing towards one lady, Ms Janice Chuah. She is creating headlines for her hefty income as a tutor, which is nearly ten times more than of primary school teacher.

But her story is as interesting as her way to teach algebra and trigonometry.  It was 2009, when she left her job as primary teacher career to be the tutor. Janice Chuah counted many reasons behind to resign from the job– the main one was to spend time with her three boys, aged between 3 and 9. But that was the hard decision to make as she had to quit her employee’s perks like bonuses, leaves and medical claims. In her words, “I was willing to initially sacrifice income for more flexibility.” With the strength of 5 students and the decent earning of $1000 per month, she was running her tuition center. Switching her job as a tutor was proving good decision as she worked almost half than her working hours in a wee as a primary teacher. ‘I’ve been lucky to marry work with passion, have flexible hours, and earn a respectable income’ she described her earlier experiences. Ms Chuah used to take home a good salary but the real growth was yet to come.

Janice Chuah’s quality teaching and giving good outcomes derive more students to her tuition center. Besides earning big revenues, Concept Match Education Centre is reserved with 80 percent before each school session. Ms Chuah had established two more branches at Novena and Bukit Timah for imparting math tuition to Grade 1 to 6 students. The tuition center has admitted over 500 pupils, which is 100 times more than her earlier strength. She admits that instead of advertising her tuition, she prefers the word of mouth and the testimonials of her students to convince other.

It is found that students have a tremendous growth while taking classes there. But she gives credit to student’s efforts and parent support, in addition to her center’s quality teaching. In her words, “While our tutors do their best, the pupil’s learning ability, attitude, as well as parents’ involvement count.”

She takes four classes of Primary 6 students on average basis in a week with each session of 2 hours.

“The better you are, the more students you get. The more students you get, the more money you earn” her statement is enough to tell you about all her ability and the place she is standing today. She wants to list her tuition agency on the stock exchange.