Medicine as a career: Is it the right path for your child?

Medicine is a noble profession for some obvious reasons: A doctor saves lives, alleviates patients’ suffering and gives hope for families. The tasks are huge and extremely rewarding, which is precisely why its demanding as well. The basic degree that lasts for 5.5 years is exhausting enough and for those who choose to specialise even further, that’s another 2 years or so stacked on top. The “Dr” in front of your name is not just a prestigious academic title it puts a huge responsibility which you would have to live up to.

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Parents are hence apprehensive of putting their children through medical school as one can never be sure of their own capabilities; some may be late bloomers, so some might just give in to the pressure and intensity of the medical school curriculum.

So, is it really the right path for your child? Let’s find out!


The learning curve becomes steep and students will not be given the break to relax or detach from their studies for a while. The curriculum rolls as its own speed and students are expected to catch up. The exhausting part of it all is trying to understand the material as its being thrown at you at such a fast pace and what’s even more painful is allowing those material to sink in. Forming the links between the different concepts and then applying them to solve clinical cases are more advances steps and those take more time.

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Students who burn out and lost themselves under high pressure can never become good doctors. So, it’s essential to cultivate the habit of staying calm and becoming a problem-solver instead of being an emotional wreck.


Biology, chemistry and physics are the building blocks of medicine. Passion for these subjects is of utmost importance and that will be the only thing that will help you get through the arduous medical school journey. You may not necessarily be the top-scorer in these subjects, but a genuine love for them is crucial.

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Should you have a passion for medicine but feel that you need some extra help to get those ‘A’s, you should seek help immediately and find the best chemistry tutors, biology tutors, or physics tutors to give you the best guidance. There are many home tutors with the expertise and knowledge to help you push your grades up, so don’t wait too long and take the necessary steps to be prepared in advance!

#3: TIME

It certainly takes many years to become a physician, especially if you decide to move on to a specialty. Be it obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics, cardiothoracic, neurology or urology, it takes a huge amount of mental strength and commitment to put yourself through the process. Parents need to explain to their children of how the journey would be like and if needed, parents can speak with their child’s private tuition teacher about the career possibilities.

Having a thorough discussion about the pros and cons will enable you to make the best decision.


Medicine is a very special career choice and students need to know the challenges ahead of them. It takes lots of patience, endurance and persistence to get through and those qualities take precedence over stellar grades. So, make the best choice based on your passion and ambition!