Most compelling Labo Lado apps for kids and classrooms

One name that has been creating more influence in the education space than other developers and manufacturers is Labo Lado Inc. A juvenile company with large goals; Labo Lado has created some of the very creative apps that thrive on the concept of combining play with skill acquisition and retention. Since, application of media makes learning new skills easier in real life, Labo Lado has enhanced on this concept to ensure it remains a favorite with teachers, parents and therapists.

Some of the most exiting apps launched by Labo Lado recently are listed below.

Labo Fabric Friends:

Designed to keep kids happy for hours, the Labo Fabric Friends app allows kids to make and play Labo Fabric Friends with 11 different fabric crafts and a set of six mini games. The app features 11 templates, which help to guide the children on how to use fabric scraps to make adorable little animals. Children’s visual spatial skills are enhanced by the game. Children can make any animal for the template and learn how things come together in different colours, textures and finishes. After cutting out the basic structure of animals, kids then have to place them together in jigsaw puzzle style. When the animals are complete, kids can use them to play 6 mini games for endless fun.

Labo Shape:

Developed to facilitate spatial learning in little kids, this Labo Shape app has a choice of 6Labo Shape learning experiences to play with shapes. The app features music that helps negotiate difficulties in motor planning and initiation, bridging the gap between ideation and needed rhythm required for action. The music can be adjusted for sensory sensitive kids. The game includes shapes that morph with other object or character and can then be interacted with a play set. This helps kids to embed shapes of various things in their memory. The app is adequate for a variety of age groups and involves kids’ physical and metal involvement.

Labo Pebble Art:

As kids, almost all of us played with pebbles in some form. Just to relive the memories in the heartsLabo Pebble Art of the new generation Labo Lado has designed the Pebble Art app, which is arranged in a puzzle like setting with 22 different puzzles to complete. Kids make pebble art and then play corresponding games in the app with their creation. This app builds preschool skills with playfulness.