New Character & Citizenship Syllabus in Singapore Schools

Most parents find it difficult to deal with stubborn children. Are you one of them? A healthy relationship in human life demands a lot of empathy and care. Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore has introduced a new syllabus known as Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in the primary schools. The Syllabus aims to build stronger emotional and social competencies in the new generation. Students through this approach will learn basics of moral behavior and be able to share daily experiences amongst their peers. Experimental learning will help to build stronger social relationship and develop empathy for others.

New Character & Citizenship Syllabus in Singapore Schools

Features of the new CCE syllabus:

1. Core Values

Schools will take the responsibility to inculcate core values in students. Values starting with self will extend to the family. Students will inherit the skills of harmony, mutual respect and resilience. Schools will lead as role models to practice what they teach.

2. Changing Scenarios

Interconnected concepts of identity, choices and relationships will be made core part of the syllabus. New ideas will have a positive impact on the student choices and influence their decisions. Students will be able to adapt better to changes when having knowledge of one’s identity in community.

3. Values in Action (VIA)

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) will encourage students to interact with people from different backgrounds. Students will get motivated and take charge for solving any problem. Through VIA students will learn to work as a team and respect each other.

4. Storytelling

School lessons will be made more meaningful when taught in the mother tongue of students featuring short stories. Students will be given an opportunity to have an open discussion to discuss their interpretation of the story. Dramatic presentation of a topic will convey the message more clearly and leave a deeper impact.

5. Diverse Domains

Starting from self and expanding to the world, students will develop a sense of nation building. Daily exercises on socially relevant topics will help to foster healthy family ties and make students better equipped to bring about change.

6. Financial skills

Students will be taught financial skills to improve their awareness of the financial world, they are living in. Unique opportunities of cooking and organizing breakfast will make students aware about the ingredients and the cost.

7. Family Time

Active participation by the parents is encourages to help strengthen the parent-child bond.  Students are encouraged to go home and spend quality time with their parents. Taking part in sharing and learning activities will be a new experience for both the parent and the child.

8. Eco-Friends

Student’s participation in environmental activities is ensured by providing learning materials from the National Environment Agency. It will spread the message of keeping Singapore