New scholarships for Singaporeans students, scholars to encourage academia

The selected candidates will be associated with the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University NTU), or Singapore Management University (SMU). The scholars will receive academic guidance, career advice along with support of research expertise.

The university is also looking to help scholars via a comprehensive programme to prepare them for better academic career in research and teaching. However, the undergraduate scholar ship will come with a bond o four to six years.


While making announcement at the opening dinner of the inaugural Raffles Dialogue at the Raffles Hotel, the Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat said, “The world is going through several “knowledge revolutions. We must continue to build up our nation’s brain trust by investing in a Singaporean core that has the passion and ability to push the frontiers of knowledge, and to teach, for the greater good.”

Not only this, but the MOE will also provide funds for half of the postgraduate talent development schemes like NUS’s Overseas Graduate Scholarship and Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship, NTU’s Senior Tutorship Scheme and SMU’s Faculty Development Scheme, which are offered by universities to Singaporean scholars.

Over the next years, the MOE and the universities are expected to offer over 1,500 scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Under these scholarships, many comprehensive programs will be offered with appropriate guidance and career advice from experienced researchers and subject-matter specialists.

With this announcement, the Singaporean scholars and ambitious students will find assistance to build their career, and the universities will be able to support more scholarships. The talented young people will find adequate sources to fuel their fire. Also, MOE deem it necessary to accelerate the efforts to raise the level of academia as the modern world is expanding in terms of the flow of knowledge. This additional assistance of scholarships to interested and deserving students will go long way to help the nation to stand amidst other countries in the highly competitive world, which is likely to grow more complex in the coming future.