Online tutor registration – 5 easy ways of finding tuition in Singapore

Tuition agencies in Singapore are probably the best way to find a good tutor for the tuition needs of your kids. A parent can contact tutors directly as well, but it will be more effective if you were to contact tutoring agencies, as they have a wide group of tutors, and will be able to provide more choices for your preference.

Online tutor registration

It is proven that 80 percent of students take tuitions in Singapore,therefore we are sure there is not lack of tutors in Singapore as well. Most students request home tuition was because they are weak in their studies, while some of them were employed by the parent, due to minimal time that they have to assist their kids in the studies.

So how does tuition help?

A tutor can help enhance the academic ability of your child and divert their attention towards co-circular activities and productive studies. A tutor is really important for kids,they provide good guidance in the areas of their academic and also well being. Also, usually acting as a good role model for the child to follow.

What kind of tutor to choose?

To help all parents & guardians in finding the right tutor, Champion Tutor is the trusted choice for your tutoring needs. We have launched online processes where you can request home tutors in an instance. However there are many qualities that parents need to keep in mind (about tutors) before hiring one for their kids.


Listed are 5 easy ways of finding tuition in Singapore:

  • Seeking help from an online tuition agency by simply applying through an online tutor request form, it is the easiest and most convenient way to find the most suitable tutor for your child’s needs. These agencies have a comprehensive search database of tutors that can help you to filter the best tutor. The commission for this service is typically charged for the first month salary of the tutor, so there is no real burden of using the agency services on the parent’s end.
  • Word of mouth recommendation or reference is another easy way to find tuition in Singapore. You can ask around from your neighbors, colleagues and other people in your area, they might be the ones who have experience these tutors, and could recommend their tutors to your child as well. Some tutors may not be willing to teach due to the inconvenience of the location from the place you stay.
  • Seeking help from school authorities can be another way to find convenient tuitions in Singapore. There are teachers who have a network to other tuition teachers, so even if they can guide your child, they could do good recommendations and alternatives to you.
  • Contacting the nearest non-profit organizations like the local university or YMCA, they may also be able to give good advices of what to look out for when engaging a home tutor.

Talking the needs for a tutor in your own network of friends and neighbors so that they could give better ideas of the types of tutors who will suit your child.