Pre-Schools with Strong Focus on Arts Education Are Growing in Popularity Now

Arts education during pre-school years is one fun way to help your child learn and develop perceptual abilities and you probably know that.

Art is an essential animated element of every kid’s infancy; it sets that perfect foundation for a young mind’s development. Tender minds have a sharper perception to learn new things and they develop an inclination towards arts education with time.

Arts Education Singapore

Unlike other preschool subjects, kids show greater proclivity for arts and crafts. However, one thing we parents don’t realize is how arts as basic pre-school leaning is inventively shaping you those young minds with better communication, problem solving and social skills.

Explaining the importance of arts in child’s education during the formative years and its popularly in preschools, we have a perfect illustration of preschool story about Patrina Lew and her 4 year old daughter Heather.

Even before Heather made it to this beautiful world, her mother Patrina Lew was busy planning a perfect pre-school life for her. And just about three months after Heather’s birth, Mrs. Lew had already registered her daughter’s name at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Kindergarten.

As an expecting mother, Mrs. Lew always wanted her daughter to be in a preschool that doesn’t completely focus on an “academic” environment. So, she chose Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Kindergarten after receiving quite a few suggestions from her friends.

Now after four years of preschool learning, Heather still loves practicing arts and has also developed incredible learning skills.

Like Mrs. Lew, there are several parent groups in Singapore who emphasize on arts as a basic preschool subject. Fortunately, preschools like Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Kindergarten and Creative O Preschoolers Bay have emerged as perfect solutions for parents seeking to impart arts education to their little ones.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Kindergarten has always been a preferred option among the parents and some even register the name almost three years in advance. But, the pre-school only registers kids between the ages of 3 to 6. It has a scheduled daily art program and includes topics like dance, music, art and drama.

When The Creative O Preschoolers Bay started in 1998, they just had a handful of pupils but now they have more than 30 students on its waiting list.

Even principals of both the institutes explained how kids from their preschools have shown superior aptitude to learn new things at the school level. Besides, parents have responded with encouraging feedbacks and are pleased with their children’s academic records.