Programme for School-Based Excellence: Putting an end to the “niched” Primary Schools

The Programme for School-Based Excellence is being launched in Singapore. It is based on the principle that children should be allowed to try their hands at various things, rather than be pigeon-holed at an early age. It believes that children should not be given the stress for winning medals and awards at such an early stage; they should be trained for various tasks like music, sports, arts and other co-curricular activity for their overall development.

Primary Schools

As per this niche program, the definition of a ‘good school’ is the one that provides opportunities for all students, and knows “their needs, interests and strengths, and motivates them to learn and grow”; where there is fundamentals in literacy and numeracy (of course), and where students are developed “holistically, in character, knowledge and critical competencies.”

This niche programme allows schools to have some level of distinction. This will be significant for those parents who want to nurture their child’s talent in every field- sports, art, or other interest and could have a choice of schools. Not only this, even the schools will also benefit from a stronger identity and culture that the staff, students, and family can feel proud of.