Pros and Cons of Children’s Use of Social Media


Following a tremendous increase in use of social media, youth wants to be a part of this new age phenomenon. There is so much inclination to use social media that despite the websites like Facebook having lowest user age limits of 13 years, children even younger want to have their accounts on social networks so that they can share things with friends.

Singapore’s home tutors are guiding parents and teachers on limited use of social media amid kids because of the pros and cons associated with it. Some of the pros of the social networking site are that they make it easier for peers to keep in touch with each other and to interact with new people. It is proven that these platforms provide venue for online socializing but there is still a level of cyber risk, as the internet may expose your child to sites which are prone to cyber bullying and harassment.

Let’s read on to know a few pros and cons of children’s use of social media.

Pros of social media for kids:

Social media has changed the way adolescents communicate, but how positive is the use of social media, let’s read on to find.

  • Social media platforms are a great way to meet friends, make friends with new people and learn about new things from them.
  • Social networks are a great way to find communities that persuade passion in children.
  • Interacting with people on subjects of common interest can increase knowledge and viewpoints. Children can also learn about ways to approach issues differently.
  • Children can play games, solve puzzles and indulge themselves is various team activities on social networks.

Social media opens up a world of news feeds and learning tools for children. Children can follow celebrities and public figures and hone their language and analytical skills.

Cons of social media for kids:

Online tuition in Singapore is major inclined on educating children on using social media in the right way. Social media can be an influential tool for learning but if not used properly it can lead to the following demerits:

  • Adult social media users are comfortable with the privacy and other preference settings on various websites, but children aren’t all that familiar leaving a scope for outside world to hack into their privacy.
  • People with malicious intentions are always on the lookout to misuse contact information and photographs of other social network users, it is difficult for children to be safe in such a scenario.
  • People can easily fake profiles on social networks; since children can be easily manipulated, such fraudsters carry out many immoral activities without children having the slightest idea of how they are being fooled.
  • There is no content moderation on most successful social media platforms, expletives can be easily posted to any community or individual profile. This opens up children to obscene language and unwanted discussions.

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