Racing Against Time- Time Management During Exams !

Exams are an important part of life; they are checkpoints that test our knowledge and application skills. One of the most important skills to master the exam-taking process is having time management skills, Time is precious and can be difficult to manage when studying for exams as well as during the examination as well.


It’s easy to procrastinate or get distracted, but having a good plan allows you to maximize your available time and make the most out of it. With a smart study plan, you can ensure you use your time efficiently and productively.

With sufficient practice and time management techniques, you will be able to finish your exam papers with enough time to spare for checking as well (no matter how difficult the exam may be)!

Time is Precious

Time is precious as it cannot be replaced or retrieved, once it has passed. We can never get back the time we wasted, and our choices will determine how much we can accomplish in life. Time is an asset that everyone has and need to appreciate in life. It is limited and finite, so we must make the most of our time wisely for meaningful and important activities.


To make the most of our time, one should plan their day in advance, set achievable goals, prioritize tasks based on importance, break down larger projects into smaller tasks, avoid procrastination and practice self-discipline. By having a strategic approach to managing our time, we can be more productive and successful.

The Time Crunch Prior to Exams

Exams can be overwhelming and stressful due to the short time to study and prepare. The time crunch can be pressurising and students may not know how to pull themselves through. Students have a limited window of time to review all the course material they’ve covered up until that point, which can lead to feelings of panic and helplessness.

The pressure of performing well in exams often leaves students feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the lack of time available for studying.


The amount of material covered in exams is usually much more than what can be reasonably expected from a student, given the allotted time. Students are expected to recall vast amounts of information during a single sitting while having a sufficient understanding of its application to answer questions correctly.

This is even more difficult when combined with other factors, such as lack of sleep or motivation, which can further impact a student’s ability to perform well on an exam.

Time Management During Examinations

Be Prepared :

It’s important to understand the topics that will be covered in the exam and the types of questions that may appear. Being prepared can help reduce stress and allow more time for revisions. Having a sound study plan, using past papers to practice answering questions, and being organized are all key elements in exam preparation.


Setting realistic goals, breaking them into achievable tasks, and having adequate rest are all important things to consider in order to stay organized and focused. Study groups are also useful when trying to understand difficult concepts or prepare for exams, as they provide a great platform for collaborative learning and sharing knowledge between peers.

Being prepared gives you the confidence that you will perform well in examinations. The more you familiarise yourself with the study material, the more easily you will be able to recall concepts when reading through the exam paper question.

Glance Through the Paper :

Glancing through the exam paper before starting to write your answers is an essential time management tip. It lets you quickly identify which questions you can answer in less time and which require more effort. This helps you plan your approach better by enabling you to allocate more time to difficult questions or sections that need greater attention.


You can optimize your performance overall by preventing embarrassing mistakes such as writing on a blank page or answering a wrong question entirely due to a lack of focus or confusion about instructions given in the exam hall.

Don’t Get Upset :

A positive attitude and calm demeanour will help you stay focused on the task, allowing you to think clearly and logically to solve any problems. Being upset can lead to emotional distress, making it difficult to concentrate and remember information accurately.

Getting upset during exams can cause unnecessary stress that may distract your attention from the exam and interfere with your ability to think clearly or recall important facts. This can lead to mistakes such as skipping questions or providing incorrect answers, potentially reducing your overall score.


When faced with a difficult question, it’s important not to get frustrated as this could cause you to lose focus and take longer than necessary to answer it properly. This, in turn, will limit the amount of time available for other questions, compromising your overall performance in the process.

Presence of Mind :

Presence of mind during exams is a key factor in achieving success. A sharp and focused state of mind can help students retain information better, stay on track with the paper, and recall important facts quickly.

This helps to prevent mistakes caused by distractions, such as accidentally skipping questions or writing incorrect answers due to confusion. It is also beneficial for maintaining mental clarity and confidence when tackling difficult questions.


A sense of calmness allows students to think logically and clearly without getting overwhelmed by stress or frustration, increasing their chances of providing accurate answers. Presence of mind encourages critical thinking skills that can be applied not only while answering exam questions but in everyday life situations too.


By using time management techniques such as setting achievable goals and breaking down larger tasks into smaller components, combined with having a presence of mind during exams, students can maximize their potential for success. This will enable them to confidently approach exams while retaining the necessary knowledge required for acing it!