The storytelling and comic reading methodology were tried on more than 100 Normal students at three optional schools and the National Institute of Education (NIE) team behind it wants to acquaint the technique with more students.

  • Comics; A Good Way To Learn Maths

As per professor Toh Tin Lam, who is the appointee leader of NIE’s mathematics and mathematics education academic group, usually, individuals think a good maths lesson is a lesson in which teachers can clarify ideas well. But, they don’t know that there’s more to it.

Teachers can connect with students in mathematical talk by using simpleand related stories and make the subject nice and fun.

Using methods drawn from storytelling and comics is very new here in Singapore. In any case, other nations, for example, South Korea and Japan are as of now using this technique.

  • Teachers’ Feedback…

Teachers have given input that it is difficult to draw in low-accomplishing students to mathematics. It is another approach to teach the subject.

How Is It Useful?

The team worked with external illustrators to draw the comic cartoons. The package comes with an online platform for students to have more practice. Using this approach, two subjects – percentage and statistics – have been completed.

The technique has hinted at adequacy in the early stages. In a survey covering 24 students, around 66% gave positive criticism that the theme of percentage was less demanding, more fun and more appropriate to get practical with the technique, while the rest still found the subject difficult.

Comics relate better to familiar situations found in the comic cartoons, for example, calculating discounts at the Great Singapore Sale, or looking at local food prices after some time.

Comic helps students to relate with their backgrounds or life experience and show how handy maths can be in their lives. They were very astonished by the amount chicken rice used to cost, and we used discounts to explain this to them. At that point, we discussed things getting costly.

Therefore, Researchers plan to have more maths teachers try this method, which he thinks may work for upper essential levels as well.