Reasons why you should hire a tutor from a Tuition Agency

The education system is sharpening and the syllabus for each and every subject and the difficulty level is slowly being scaled up gradually and the rise is exponential; it is not expected that things will get any easier. Unfortunately, academics have turned into a survival-of-the-fittest ‘contest’ these days and in order to keep up with the rigour and pace, what is being taught in schools is insufficient. There is a need for the extra push and motivation, and as a result, many are turning towards the option of tuition.
In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld (former American politician) created something called the ‘matrix of knowledge’, which depicts a human being’s mind space of the known and the unknown.

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The quadrants represent:
A. What you know that you know
B. What you don’t know that you know
C. What you know that you don’t know
D. What you don’t know that you don’t know

In our context, if students don’t enroll in tuition, they have a high chance of being in a state of not knowing what they don’t know, which is basically being stuck in quadrant D. This results in them being unable to identify their weaknesses and not even knowing what questions to ask to seek clarification. Tuition teachers can help to identify the student’s weaknesses, thus bringing him to quadrant B where the student knows what he doesn’t know. This allows the student to improve on these weaknesses and push himself to quadrant A (which is the end goal).

There is often dilemmas and doubts regarding the concept of tuition because hiring the right tutor is extremely important. Given that the student is dedicated and hardworking, one-on-one tuition is the best way to help that student excel in his or her studies and there are many reasons that substantiate this.

So, let’s take a look at the reasons why one should hire a tutor from a tuition agency


Firstly, we need to establish why tuition is essential for students so that they can achieve their beloved ‘A’ grade consistently. Doing well in examinations is not only about memorising relevant information but is also about practice. A scheduled self-study session will help student practice and improve a lot but, in this tech-savvy era, students tend to be easily distracted by their electronic gadgets. Tuition services, however, help to ensure that students focus on their studies during the specified time and under supervision of qualified tutors. This also allows students to clarify their doubts immediately unlike studying alone where students would have to wait for their teachers/friends to reply to their emails or messages. Thus, tuition will help to improve any student, regardless of their caliber.

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So why hire a tutor when you can just send them for tuition in tuition centres?
The main difference is that tuition centres generally have the format of 1 teacher teaching about 5-25 students at the same time while hiring tutors ensures a private 1 to 1 session between the student and the tutor. Tuition centres allow the student to interact with other students and even helps them learn from their peers but in reality, this is not as effective as learning from a private tutor.
A private tutor forms a stronger bond with their student(s) as compared to tutors in tuition centres and this allows them to understand their student’s strengths and weaknesses better. Improving in a certain subject is not only about gaining more knowledge. Instead, it is mainly about improving your understanding of your fundamentals in that subject so that even when you gain new knowledge, you will not have any inherent misconceptions. Private tutors are the most efficient in helping students to find and understand their weaknesses in their fundamentals. This allows students to quickly eradicate these misconceptions followed by building on their now stronger fundamental.


It is important to understand the significance of hiring tutors from a renowned tuition agency. Some may think that hiring any private tutor that teaches the subject is sufficient. They may even ask friends or relatives to be a private tutor for the student. Going to a tuition centre with a qualified tutor in fact ends up being more beneficial than having an unqualified private tutor, and people unknowingly underestimate the importance of it all.
A private tutor must be experienced in teaching and must be used to drilling their students so that they can improve their fundamentals. Unqualified private tutors have a high chance of creating greater confusion than providing clarification, due to either inexperience in teaching or the lack of knowledge of their student’s weaknesses. Tuition agencies, fortunately, provide the background of the private tutors for people to look through before hiring. They will provide information about their educational qualifications, teaching experience, etc. Based on the portfolio of the private tutors in these agencies, people can make a safe deduction on which tutor will be the best for the student which is much better than a blind selection of a private tutor.


Tuition supports a student continuously to improve and learn, it is necessary for students to find a good tutor to teach them. Students may not fully understand the impact that home tuition could potentially have on them and hence parents need to make them understand how tuition could be useful in a lot of ways.