Recommendations By Aspire Are Part of Greater Efforts – Indranee

In a recent Parliament meeting, Aspire Chairman and Senior Minister of State for Education, Indranee Rajah stated that as the House approved and adopted the Aspire (the Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review) recommendations, the government had in fact, already taken required steps to introduce applied education at the primary and secondary school levels and also at the university level.

Aspire Chairman and Senior Minister

Aspire Proposals – Part of Greater & Holistic Efforts

Responding to the questions raised by MPs on the need for Aspire to extend a holistic approach, Ms Indranee stated that the Aspire proposals are in fact a part of greater strategic and holistic efforts of the government.

Important Government Initiatives

According to Indranee, ALP (The Applied Learning Programs) had already been introduced at the primary and secondary school levels. These programs focus on the development and application of real-world skills, which are taught through supporting and problem solving tie-ups with the industry partners.

This program is similar to the Learning for Life program. It was introduced in schools in 2013 and it focused on teaching the students character education through various service learning projects.

Aspire University Proposals

The Committee for Pathways in University Education, recommended applied degree pathway for universities, about two years ago. The program emphasizes on practice orientation and industry focus to be offered by UniSIM and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). The committee also recommended the creation of more opportunities at degree level to build industry level skills in graduates.