SG50 is about inspiring Singaporean youth to create a better future!

Given the achievements, it is fitting for a grand celebration. And this is exactly what Singaporeans are gearing up for.

The country which started at a shaky platform, 50 years down the line is recognized as the best country to live in – it has the finest healthcare system, best education system and probably the finest weather anywhere.

Singaporeans are seeing the SG50 campaign – Singapore’s golden jubilee campaign, as a branding platform. This is really evident from the campaign that is themed around Singapore in pioneering spirit. The golden jubilee celebration, which kicked off on January 1, will culminate at the Singapore National Day on August 9.

The celebrations of the SG50 are underway in all its fervor, and there are a host of events lined up throughout the year; the celebrations are only going to get wilder.

According to government estimates, close to SGD $3 million have been spent to support various celebrations and events lined up. With whole slew of events in the pipeline, Education minister of Singapore, Hewg Swee Keat is one prominent figure, who believes SG50 will be a great time for Singaporeans from all walks of life to get in touch with each other.

Hewg believes, the SG50 celebrations are about people, it’s the time for people to get together and build a better society, for a better future of Singapore. Hewg said, ‘he is heartened with the enthusiasm in Singaporeans and foreigners about the SG50.’

With so many events, most suggested by common Singaporeans and some by foreigners, the youth and students in Singapore have a lot to learn throughout the campaign. Hewg said, ‘as the country reaches the milestone, it is time to appreciate Singapore’s pioneers and reflect on the country’s journey through the years.’

It’s time for the elders and the established to pass down the legacy and culture down to the youth who will shape the future of the nation.