It was a big competition, conducted by OECD to highlight the connection between education and economic growth. With a wonderful idea behind it, it gives out a list of the countries focusing on the overall development of education. Not only this, it gives an access to the other countries to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Well, in this test, Singapore grabbed the first position with the best scores among 76 countries. It was followed by Hong Kong and other renowned countries like USA and UK were on 28th and 20th position. The analysis was based on the test scores in maths and science. The results of the OECD report have left the world head-scratching for the reason of their huge success. Well, here are a few listed. Have a look.

Singapore universities rank

The instructional rule

Separating it from the world, the classroom instruction in Singapore is uniformed and scripted. The teaching provided across all levels and subjects is coherent, realistic, and fit-for-purpose. The education system focuses on the curriculum, the factual and procedural information. It also involves preparing the students for end-of-semester and other examinations. To make it a successful campaign, the teachers strive hard; they count on textbooks, worked examples, worksheets, and several other methods. Another method, which is classroom talk, which is led by the teacher and avoids extended student discussion, helps them to learn through discussion.

The logic of teaching

Several factors influence the Singapore’s education system. It has a set of historical, institutional and cultural influences, which are self-explanatory for the logic of teaching here. Along this line, with the passage of time, the country has developed a powerful set of institutional arrangements. The prescribed national curriculum makes it different from other nations. For example, the National high stakes examinations at the end of primary and secondary schooling, which is as per the student’s stream, the emphasis to cover the curriculum by the teachers and much more.

Reforming the pedagogical model

Back in 1990, due to the Asian financial crisis, the policy makers were forced to look over the educational system in Singapore. Since then, they have been working hard to modify the pedagogical model and their continuous effort propelled Singapore to the top of international leagues. The framework focus on “Teach Less, Learn More” makes the teachers focus on the “quality” of learning, not merely on the “quantity” of learning and exam preparation.

Therefore, it is pretty clear, that it is the combined efforts of Singaporean students, teachers and government, which help them to attain the all-new height of success in education. This is a big achievement!