Singapore to develop 3D National Topographic Models – What School kids can also try!

In an attempt to make exchange and utilization of topographic info among agencies easier, the Singapore Land Authority is heading a government-backed program to build up a 3D national topographic model!

The initiative will include data acquisition both on ground and in the air. The Singapore Land Authority is trying to create a more efficient 3D topographic database that will allow better maintenance to keep all 3D data updated all the time. The model will be highly helpful in meeting needs such as flight path planning, flood risk modeling and environment and coastal protection!

How Kids Can Prepare a 3D Model Using a Topographic Map

Besides the everyday school and homework, private tutors in Singapore can try engaging their students in fun activities that will also help them understand all the latest happening in town. Through tuition in Singapore students can attempt to create their own topographic maps. Here is a brief on this can be done.

  • Get a topographic map that can be used to prepare a 3D model, preferably one with less lines so that it becomes simple
  • Ignore smaller lines in the middle and cut out the contour lines
  • Cut your cardboard after tracing the cutout on it
  • Keep repeating the same process until you’ve traced all the lines on the cardboard and cut it
  • Once you’ve cut all the lines, use papier-mâché to glue them on the cardboard. Make sure you’ve arranged all of them in the right order so that your model gives a complete look

Label your model once the papier-mâché properly dry. This model can be used to give a demonstration on how a 3D model can actually show elevation

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