Singapore’s Communal Learning Towers Inspired by Beehives

With everything going hi-tech, many significant changes have been introduced in the area of education too. Be it in terms of increasing use of modern teaching aids or techniques of construction for more teaching-friendly learning centers. This is happening in almost every country in the world and Singapore, as always, leads the charge here in this case.

While highly advanced technology is believed to have affected socialization students and teachers used to share earlier, the recently built learning hub at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTUC) has been specially designed to encourage a more personal and easier interaction between students and faculty members. The brain behind this brilliant idea is Thomas Heatherwick, a world renowned architect and designer from England.

The Newly Built Learning Hub at NTUC

Singapore's Communal Learning Towers

The newly built learning hub at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTUC) is the first piece of a twenty-year building project wherein fourteen total structures are to be added to the campus. The designer is Thomas Heatherwick, the famous and imaginative English architect widely recognized for designing structures like UK Pavilion and The Rolling Bridge.

A Completely Unique Design

Thomas has displayed matchless imaginative abilities and creativity through this completely unique structure that is greatly inspired by beehives. All the towers in the bunch of eight-storey cylinders, which when given a collective look resemble a beehive, are connected together with balconies and elevators in between.

There are 55 curved classrooms in each tower, adding a natural and organic flow to the entire design. Unlike how it is in most ordinary buildings, one can enter the building through a porous-style entrance from any direction.

An Eco-friendly Structure!

The design not only promotes regular interaction between the teachers and students, but is eco-friendly at the same time. There are several indoor gardens inside that need no irrigation. More sustainable features like T5 lighting and water-efficient fittings make it a unique design.

The structure has already been given the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award and is all set to open in the year 2014.

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