Soul Refreshing Music for Younger Patrons and Their Guardians

A children’s music executive with Singapore Symphony Orchestra, when “Gerry Rhymes” was conceived, Geraldine wanted to present original music that was enjoyable to parents and children both. She was tired of versions that sounded too simple, repetitive and annoying after some time.

Gerry Rhymes
Gerry Rhymes

Here’s giving you a glimpse into the making of the album and also and telling you about the exciting journey of Geraldine.

1. She grew up in Singapore with her family. While young she often listened to American artist like Charley pride, Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte and Henry Mancini.

2. She has worked as a flight attendant, a singer in a night club, a DJ and lastlty as an executive with Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

3. While singing in pubs or teaching music to kids, it was her secret dream to one day creat music of her own.

4. She was aware that some of the best music schools were in Singapore. She finally decide to look for a songwriter or partner who shared the same passion for music. Bert Lindsey, an aircraft mechanic and also a working musician in Singapore fit her requirement perfectly.

5. The chemistry also culminated into marriage and they moved to the US in2006. They now have a two year old daughter.

6. Annette Holdun, a member of the Glendale First Evangelical Church, mentioned to Geraldine once that she was extremely bored of her children’s music albums. This sparked an idea in the musical couples mind and they decided to make some music for Holdun.

7. Geradline education in Singapore played a vital role in keeping her focused and passionate about music.

8. She soon composed 24 rhythms and gave them to her husband to work on them. He soon created the music and in matter of days they were recording a song each in three to four hours flat.

9. They finally selected eight different kids songs in genres of lullaby to pop. She also created the original number Child in your eyes. The husband wife duo created magic.

10. The album is perfectly called – “Gerry Rhymes: For Kids One to Ninety-Two”, since they wanted all age groups to enjoy the music.

11. It has been well received by school teachers and the general feedback has termed it as a modern twist to nursery rhymes, with undertones of pop, jazz and fusion.

12. What started as a gift for a friend is now ready to be sold at Barnes & Noble in its online stores. You can also check out the music videos on Gerry Rhymes

If Music is your child’s passion, an early age is the right time to hone that Talent. Guide the help them and tutor them with the help of professionals who can make a great difference in their lives.