study smarter

3 Ways To Study Smarter

Smart studying is the most important thing for students to follow as it saves time and prevents undue exhaustion. Private tutors encourage students to adopt new learning techniques and find out ways in which learning can be done effectively and efficiently. The most challenging part of this process is finding out what exactly works out for each

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exams stress

7 Ways To Cope With Exam Stress

In every student’s life, exam stress is natural. It’s one of those opportunities for students to better understand themselves and it teaches them patience and endurance. In Singapore, the major exams like PSLE, O-levels and A-levels serve as checkpoints that students have to get through. These are important determinants of students’ future as they decide the pathway that higher

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stay focused during lessons

Best Tips To Stay Focused During Lessons

Being attentive during a lesson is of utmost importance that is the best way to learn and internalise information effectively. During classes in school or during one-to-one home tuition, or even group tuition, tutors would point out important information, and should students not be attentive during that lesson, they would lose out on learning about concepts in

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what makes a great teacher

What Makes A Great Teacher?

Part-time tutoring and full-time tutoring are becoming actual jobs that people gravitate towards these days. This is because there is an increased demand for tuition as education is becoming increasingly challenging over the years. So, budding young tutors can take up part-time tuition while doing an undergraduate degree to figure out if it is something that they want

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