The Ultimate Guide To A Productive Holiday After A-Level Exams

So, you have finally completed your big A-level examinations and you are now breathing the air of freedom! Although most students prefer to spend their holidays on their couch binge eating and watching Netflix shows, there are many others who would love to spend that time in a wise manner.

holidays after exams

Time is one of the things that when gone, could never come back. It is hence important to make use of every spare time to learn something new or to engage in activities that enable oneself to grow and mature. Every action and thought has to contribute to positivity and progress

So, here are some suggestions of activities that students can engage themselves in during their break after A-Levels!


Many people who have finished their A-Levels would enrol themselves in driving school. Since students will be of 18 years old by then, it would be the right time to get a drivers’ licence. This will be useful as in future, it may or may not be possible to go for driving lessons when one has to manage work and family all at once.

It will be beneficial to get one thing out of the way when there is sufficient time!


Books give us exposure to things that we never will never possibly see or experience by ourselves. It serves to open up our minds and teach us that the world is much bigger than we think it is.


After spending two whole years of burying your head in textbooks, assessment books, practice papers, and lecture notes, the time has finally come for you to get into the library and explore every book out there!

Immerse yourself in knowledge, reflect on yourself and think about the progress that your mind makes as you finish reading one book after another.


In a country like Singapore where the cost of living is high, it will only be sensible for students to grab every opportunity they can to work to earn some extra bucks and save up for personal expenses.

There are many job options for young students, for example,

  • Working at the cash counter
  • Waiting tables at hotels
  • Being a content writer for websites
  • Blogging
  • Being a tuition teacher

And so on. One of the most lucrative options would be to certainly be a tuition teacher. As a student who have just completed, you’re A-Levels, you will be qualified enough to teach students even up till O-Level.


You can pick a suitable tuition agency and register yourself as a tutor. Soon enough, if there are students who choose to hire you after viewing your tutor profile, you will be able to land a few tuition assignments yourself!

With some working experience, you will get a glimpse of how the real-world functions and it will give you a sense of responsibility to manage your own expenses as well. These life skills cannot be taught verbally; they can only be learnt through experiences!