The Education System Should Ensure a Transformation Of The Skills, Says Education Minister Heng

A study trip to Norway, brought to the forefront the shortcomings of the children studying in the Singapore education system. The education system should ensure that children are ready to face all changes in the society. Their foundations should be so strong that they are ready to take on any challenge.

A sound base in numerical and literary skills will help children for years to come. Their skills in technology and math’s should be at par with any other child in a developed country.

Education System

Let’s read about the finding of this study trip to Norway –

1. Ready for The World Of Competition

A child should be taught the skills for solving problems on his own. He should have a sound base of knowledge that can be applied to their work, once they join the workforce. A child that comes empowered with the right knowledge package will need little fostering by his future employers.

2. The global scenario

Mr. Heng in his conference in Amsterdam was speaking to members of the media, after a successful completion of a five educational tour of Norway. He was quick to observe that the economic crisis in Europe was affecting each and every scenario of the market. Be it jobs or salaries or growth prospectus, everything was on a slide. He was quick to warn that although Singapore was not facing any such crisis at the moment, it should get ready for a changing scenario and not be caught off guard.

3. Application and Use

He stated that an education system will be successful only when it ensures that people have better accessibility to jobs after completion of their studies. He was immensely impressed with the skill sets that children in Norway were empowered with at the time of leaving schools and colleges. He said this change in the education system needs to come around from the grassroots level, only then will it be effective.

4. In the Eurozone

He observed that in Norway and the Dutch system of education a lot of emphasis is laid on making the foundation sound and majority of the stress is laid on numerical and skill for learning languages. Once they master these two talents,, children are taught other skills and the system ensures that finding a job is not an impossible task, for any pass out.

5. The present scenario

Schools in Singapore are laying stress on children being bilingual form a very young age. They are also offering programmes that support learning at the kindergarden stage. The minster says that regular assessment is essential to reflect whether the system is transforming or not. He said that the ministry is considering the enhancement of the ITE programmes. So that they can ensure that youngsters who study with them pass out with the right set of skills.