Things to Know Before You Appoint a Tuition Coordinator

Each family has a unique set up and different needs of know how and care, therefore, hiring a tutor through a tuition coordinator from a reliable tuition agency becomes a very critical decision. It needs thorough research and patience. Observe your child closely and make a note of all the places and subjects he is struggling. Have a look at certain points that need to be considered before reaching a decision.

Tuition Coordinators

Image Credits: schooloftutors

1. Reputed agency

There are tuition agencies and tuition centers available on the internet. And there are loads of tuition coordinator jobs available in Singapore. Tuition centers are regulated by the MOE, but the agencies are not. However they need to be registered with the ACRA. Always hire a registered agency with a sound reputation.

2. Check the registration

Check the business registration number before engaging tuition coordinators for hiring a tutor. All valid agencies will have a BRN or an UEN assigned. It will be clearly visible on the website.

3. Selection of an agency

Always do the decision making yourself and do not rely on a third person for it. The parent is the best judge of the needs of his child. He alone can set the criterion of expectations from a tuition coordinator job. Also go and meet the teacher of the child in school and share your observations with him or her. Voice your concerns and take any feedback.

5. Speak to the tuition coordinator

Speak to him or her directly and explain your child’s needs to him in detail. Have a detailed decision about the teaching methods, their previous experiences and take references of other parents.

6. Speak to the tutor

Once the tutor is selected for the child, speak to him directly. Make him understand the needs of the child and your expectations of him. Only when you are fully assured and content, should you hire a tutor for your child.

7. Terms and conditions

Be very clear on the terms and conditions of the agency. Understand the terms in a situation where you are not satisfied with the tutor. Also be very clear on the refund policy of the agency and other charges.